Released iOS/iPadOS app, Wazari Browser, to make use of external keyboard

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I just released iOS/iPadOS browser. This browser has the following functions.

  • Customizable shortcuts to operate browser. e.g. Change tabs without touching screen.
  • Panes to split views vertiacally or horizontally.
  • Hit-A-Hint - without touching, click links to move pages.
  • Customizable modifiers. e.g. swap capslock with ctrl key.
  • Customizable default search engine - DuckDuckGo or Google
  • Exclude web sites not to use keymapping. Some dynamic web site doesn’t use Input type=text or textarea, which Wazari keymapping doesn’t work. But you can exclude these website so you can still type on it.
  • Histories to go back easily
  • (Optional and Paying serivce) Integrated to Wazaterm so you can terminal.

Wazari browser is my first open source project and also a sub project of Wazaterm.

Download from App store

I use react-native(iOS only) to build this to catch up recent React/React Native. I will post what technique that I used for this with the following posts.

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